ChartIQ | June 3, 2022

ChartIQ 8.7 Release Highlights

Written by Dan Nicolai

With the ChartIQ 8.7 release, we have a host of new enhancements to help your traders boost their technical analysis skills and/or make better decisions on behalf of their clients.

As you know, we often cater our roadmap to client requests, and this release is testament to that commitment. Read about our 8.7 enhancements below, including:


  • Paintbars were added as alternative markers
  • All studies can now create signals using the Price (Open, High, Low, Close)
  • Signal markers can now be hidden, and underlying studies are controlled by markers.

GoNoGo Trend study has been added to the Technical Analysis package.

The Cross-section scatterplot now supports historical trails on data points.

Table View now has screen reader support.

Remember to upgrade here to enjoy the newest features.

New Features

The GoNoGo Trend study is an indicator that blends technical trend concepts and colors price bars accordingly. The code evaluates a set of conditions and if they are met assigns a point to each condition. The points are then added to give a value from 0 to 4. Colors are then assigned for the score.

Experimental features


Screen reader for Table View add-on

The screen reader enables visually impaired users to hear values in table view tables.

Cross-sectional data studies

Historical data trails

Historical data trails add a historical data dimension to the cross-sectional plot enabling users to see trends in multiple data series.

Plot of historical data trails showing the trend of the Total Contract Value (TCV) (x-axis) vs the number of touchpoints (y-axis) for clients in three portfolios (represented by diamonds, squares, and circles).


SignalIQ plug-in

Set price as a signal

Adds the ability to define the price of the primary series as a condition of a signal, which enables users to generate signals when a study interacts with a price value.

Translate Edit Signal dialog

Adds translation capabilities to the Edit Signal dialog.

Set paintbar as a signal type

Adds a Paintbar option to the Notification Type dropdown of the SignalIQ dialog, which sets the signal bar to a user-specified color. Users can now have a colored bar or line when a signal event occurs.

Paintbar signal colors time series orange when RSI > 50.

Signal dialog reorganized and adds condition options

The Signal dialog now has reorganized cosmetic elements to make the form easier to understand, responsive behavior to optimize the mobile experience, and the following new options for conditions:

  • Users can choose Turns Up and Turns Down for event options.
  • Users can enter an emoji for the marker label using a Unicode string (e.g., \u1F680).

Rocket emoji marks a bullish signal that the MACD turns up from below zero.

Signal infobox

Adds the date and time to the selected-signal infobox(es) for better identification, giving users a way to know when an event occurred as well as a way to differentiate between them when multiple signals are selected. Updates the look and feel to match the trade infobox and improve its readability.

Time/date in signal infobox.

Chart engine

Load instruments from an external link

Provides an easy way for users to load a symbol into a chart from an external link (such as a button on a client’s website) using URL query strings.

User Interface

Chart event indicators can be individually turned on or off

The Chart Events section of the Events menu has been redesigned to allow for any combination of markers to be on or off, enabling users to view multiple types of events at a time.

Chart event types can be individually turned on or off for viewing (gold rectangle).

Event infobox styling

The event infobox styling has been updated to match the look and feel of the signal infobox and improve its readability (see previous image).

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