ChartIQ | April 8, 2020

BondCliQ & ChartIQ: A New Way to View Bond Data

Written by Eugene Sorenson

Chart displaying BondCliq data

BondCliQ is a market data system for post-trade corporate bond data and the first central market system designed to improve institutional trading in the $10 trillion credit market. Full transparency into BondCliQ’s unique historical data is now available using ChartIQ’s powerful interactive graphic library. “With ChartIQ, we now have true visibility into the liquidity history of each credit instrument,” says Chris White, BondCliQ’s Founder and CEO. It’s an exciting new way to view bond data.

The integration highlights the liquidity history of a credit instrument for full market transparency, where the chart serves as a visualization of a bond’s quote history. It shows bid/ask bond data that has the quote count, the bid/ask bias, and trade volume. The goal is to help people quickly understand how a particular bond is moving, taking into consideration liquidity, and direction. Buyside and sellside traders, risk managers and compliance officers can now better assess each instrument’s supply and demand and thereby the opportunity to execute a trade.

Focusing on compelling use cases like this is our speciality. Customized charts for all different types of graphical displays can help shine a light on data in all corners of the industry. For example, our new Post-Trade Visualization product tackles trade reconstruction and helps compliance officers meet regulations set by Dodd-Frank and MiFiD II. Users can view any event that happened during the life cycle of an order. Additionally, our Term Structure Graph allows FICC divisions to reap the benefits of our powerful data visualization solutions.

At ChartIQ, we’ll continue to innovate and dig deep into what our charts can bring to different segments of the finance industry and beyond. We are excited about our new partnership with BondCliq. Together, we can bring insight to the credit market not previously available.

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