ChartIQ | December 9, 2020

Bring Derivatives Trading into the Light

Written by Eugene Sorenson

Derivatives trading chart

A new solution that works within your digital transformation strategy.

With all the talk about digital transformation, it’s easy enough to brush it off as marketing buzz. But even so, it’s likely that every part of your institution is involved in the arduous steps towards digitization — whether it’s a complete overhaul of your OMS, an interoperability project to connect disparate applications, or updates to meet new regulatory requirements. On top of this, you’re trying to make sure your sales and trading floors — particularly your derivatives trading desks — are equipped with cutting-edge solutions for faster decision making, and the last thing you want to do is throw another application in the pile.

The truth is, the discussions around digital transformation do not exist primarily to sell you yet another new thing. From our work with tier one institutions (and trading floors in those banks) we’ve seen that smart digitization means choosing innovative solutions that will evolve with you. ChartIQ Options Analytics brings a real-time graphics solution to derivatives trading, while integrating seamlessly into your current system to fit within your digital strategy.

Solutions for all sectors of finance.

ChartIQ has been providing graphics for all sectors of finance since 2012. Our solutions for post-trade visualization and real-time, interactive charts for FICC provide these sectors a way to visualize and interact with data like never before.

Now we’ve turned our attention towards derivatives trading — helping traders and analysts get out from under their endless tables and static graphs used to understand option chains and strategies. ChartIQ Options Analytics is a real-time, interactive data visualization tool that is easily integrated into your current applications, extending their power and simplifying the user’s workflow. With ChartIQ Options Analytics, you can create an innovative depiction of options data by overlaying the volume and open interest data on the same price chart traders use every day. This allows analysts to understand option activity in relation to the underlying price movement.

We’ve created ChartIQ Options Analytics to bring derivative trading into the light — while also aligning with digital transformation strategies.

We know that your in-house options analysis solution may be outdated, expensive to maintain, and costly to upgrade. Alternatively, third party tools don’t connect with apps your traders use every day, rather exist alongside them — siloed from the trader workflow.

Our clients have told us they want modern solutions for options trading. What to do? Follow the three steps below.

Look for a solution that you can incorporate into your current system.

A combination of old architecture with the chaos of app overload — compounded with emerging technologies that are faster, sleeker, and easier for the end-user — has introduced a host of complications. Any project you embark on with ChartIQ gives you the gift of adaptability and customization — along with that desired edge.

Institutions and solutions providers use ChartIQ for a variety of digital transformation initiatives. Clients like Bank of Canada used ChartIQ to modernize their quotation system and Fidessa undertook a strategic investment in their front end, creating a better UX for more than 24,000 users (see Fidessa case study). The possibilities are endless.

Shop for a software development kit built by developers, for developers.

We are not a data provider, nor are we giving you an off-the-shelf application. We are giving you the infrastructure for you to build upon. Our templates are easy to use. Our support-team is there with you from first ideation to post-implementation. Our documentation is crystal clear and easy to follow. 300+ clients globally use ChartIQ. We are a mature, world-renowned charting solution provider. Learn more about the ChartIQ difference.

Give traders something they’ve never seen before.

Trying to shop for (and modernize) trader tools can feel like bumping your head against the wall of your digital transformation project (or your IT director leading the charge). After all, reports show that failed tech upheavals are disastrous. “Nearly 50% of banks do not upgrade old IT systems as soon as they should, and 43% of US banks still use COBOL, a programming language dating from 1959…and extra layers embedded on top of it are causing outages.” (Source: Ernst and Young).

It’s no wonder many of our clients are frustrated with trying to stay relevant while also knee-deep in huge infrastructure projects.

With ChartIQ Options Analytics, graphic displays can be overlaid on the time-series chart traders use every day to prevent application switching. It’s a faster, better user experience, with a real-time, graphic solution that complements and enriches trader analysis. Additionally, ChartIQ doesn’t carry the mounting costs of maintaining and enhancing proprietary solutions. That’s less overhead for teams to maintain software and a reduction of overall spend. Provide a cutting-edge solution to traders and analysts, while also supporting your institution’s digital growth. Visit our Options Analytics home page for more details.

Reap the benefits of customizing a bespoke solution, while seeing derivatives trading floor excel. It’s a win-win.

It’s a serious advantage for traders, but also a serious boon to your business when you buy an adaptable solution — an SDK to create your own cutting edge data-visualization solution for options trading.

Options Analysis for Institutions Video Demo

A new way to work.

We know that purchasing yet another application that won’t seamlessly connect with your current systems will only lead to more complications. Bring derivatives trading into the light with ChartIQ Options Analytics — all while staying inline with your digital transformation strategy.

Contact us today to schedule your demo and learn how ChartIQ Options Analytics can meet your unique business needs.

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