Product type: Real-time, web, and mobile-based analytical software tools for day traders and swing traders.

Product used: HTML5 Charting Library


  • Two month implementation of the HTML5 Charting Library with one developer
  • Used time to innovate vs. building charts in-house
  • Improved UX for better retention rates
  • Increased users by thousands

Company Profile

BlackBoxStocks develops real-time, web and mobile-based analytical software tools for day traders and swing traders. The BlackBoxStocks platform employs predictive technology enhanced by artificial intelligence to find volatility and unusual market activity that can result in the rapid change in a stock’s price. Their mission is to provide their users with the most accurate information in a quick and concise format to enable them to take advantage of lucrative market opportunities.

Executive Summary

BlackBoxStocks goal was to provide its users with a professional charting experience. They sought a high-performance charting visualization solution to create a better user interface.

Their goals included:
• Integration in different languages
• Cost/Time efficiencies
• High-performance
• Easy integration

Using ChartIQ’s HTML5 toolkit, BlackBoxStocks was able to get high-quality charting which would offer their customers an outstanding experience without requiring them to dedicate numerous resources for implementation and maintenance.


The main challenge for BlackBoxStocks was trying to provide an advanced charting experience that would provide their customers with quality information and great data visualization. This led to a build vs. buy decision. ChartIQ provided BlacBoxStocks with advanced functionality out-of-the-box, and allowed them to focus their own development time on building a unique experience on top of the charting library. They needed a charting library that would work well with their alert system and volatility indicator as well as look great on their desktop and mobile websites. They decided to partner with ChartIQ because of the need for high-performance charting that was cost efficient and would allow for an easy and quick implementation. The available features that ChartIQ offered allowed BlackBoxStocks to improve their platform and make sure that their customers were receiving a world-class experience.


“We went with ChartIQ after looking at each platform and weighing the costs and features, and have been very pleased with both the ability to implement the charts into our platform and all the professional features that ChartIQ provides. One very impressive feature, in particular, was the ease at which we could implement the charts in Chinese.”

—Eric Pharis, COO and Founder of Blackboxstocks

BlackBoxStocks did not have the time or resources to build a complex charting library in-house, therefore they decided to minimize their own risk and save time on development by working with HTML5 experts who had a pre-built solution with the most competitive and cutting-edge tools. By choosing ChartIQ, BlackBoxStocks was able to focus their limited resources on their unique value proposition & experience which allowed them to make a trading tool unlike the competition.


  • Implemented the Charting Library within 2 months with one assigned developer
  • More comprehensive charting library than what BlackBoxStocks could even imagine building in-house
  • Expects 20k-50k users on the trading tool post implementation of the Charting Library
  • Trading tool became much more valuable to users BlackBoxStocks.com

“Options trading has exploded over the last few years and a large contingent of our members trade options. The more tools we can give our members to help them make informed trading decisions, the more successful they will be. ChartIQ continues to be a leader and innovator of trading tools, and this makes them a perfect technology partner for Blackboxstocks.”

—Eric Pharis, COO and Founder of Blackboxstocks

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