Product type: Trading technology for global financial institutions and their end users.

Product used: HTML5 Charting Library


  • Implementation of HTML5 Charting Library in the user interface took only six months
  • Gained more flexibility within its product
  • Better UX for more than 24,000 users
  • Saved countless development time and resources

Company Profile

With more than 15 years of experience, EDGAR Online is a leader in helping professionals uncover intelligence from financial disclosures, offering distribution of company data and public filings for equities, mutual funds and other publicly traded assets. EDGAR Online is uniquely positioned to leverage proprietary technology to create robust, timely and accurate data sets, distributing high quality, interactive financial data and services to the investment community. EDGAR Online works with over 100 of the leading financial portals and data providers in the marketplace today. Some of these industry leaders include Yahoo Finance!, OTC Markets, NASDAQ, D&B, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis and Interactive Data Corporation.


When NASDAQ, Yahoo! Finance and thousands of other clients want actionable financial data, they turn to EDGAR Online. “It was time to give our charting tools a facelift,” says Betsy Eisenberg, EDGAR’s Director of Product Management and Data Operations. “We were hearing from clients who wanted a sleek new interface with support for mobile platforms.”


Elias-John Kies, EDGAR’s Director of Analytics, says, “We had two chart formats on different product offerings. One was static and the other was Flashbased. We knew it would take significant effort to enhance either into a mobile-ready dynamic charting platform. And charting is not one of our core competencies. We wanted to stay focused on our mission and hand the charting responsibility of to an expert in that area.” EDGAR did have some reservations about turning an important part of the customer experience over to a third party. “There was some concern about performance, who would host the data, security issues,” says Kies. “ChartIQ overcame those worries by giving us the flexibility to host our own data and configure the system to meet our requirements.”


“We have some big brands using our charts,” says Eisenberg. “They expect us to provide a high level of service. Therefore it was important for us to find a partner who could deliver that same commitment to performance, security and reliability. The ChartIQ team impressed us with their willingness and ability to support not only us, but also our clients.” ChartIQ will roll out across multiple platforms. “The ChartIQ solution of the shelf was 95% of what we needed,” says Eisenberg. “The remaining 5% was rounded out by the team’s flexibility in configuring a solution that fits our products and clients. We are confident in ChartIQ as a partner who will help us grow into the mobile space and create offerings with more in-depth charting capabilities.”


“We were impressed with ChartIQ. They were the right partner to help us build a more dynamic charting system for mobile devices.”

—Elias-John Kies Director of Analytics at EDGAR Online

“We cater to both institutional and retail investors,” says Betsy Eisenberg. “Our ‘data factory’ culls and curates data from SEC filings and other sources. Clients access this data through a variety of products including APIs and feeds, subscription websites and front-end tools. We add value by presenting the data in a form people can ingest and put to use making educated decisions.” Eisenberg continues, “System performance is critical for us. When you’re talking about clients like NASDAQ, you know they have a high expectation for up time. That’s why ChartIQ service is a big deal for us. ChartIQ can back us up with the support structure and triage process for resolving issues quickly.”

“ChartIQ comes with enhanced functionality and a significant set of technical indicators and mark-up capabilities.” adds Kies.“One more thing that makes this relationship special is the opportunity for ChartIQ to leverage our market data. This not only helps us, but also supports their product offerings.” Eisenberg says, “Initially, ChartIQ stood out for its product but as we peeled the onion and dug in deeper, we found something even more valuable. They had a lot of energy; an eagerness to do business. They were mindful of our client’s expectations. They had an implementation and integration plan. They had documentation. They have done this type of thing before. And that gave us a real sense of confidence.”