Product type: Trading technology for global financial institutions and their end users.

Product used: HTML5 Charting Library


  • Implementation of HTML5 Charting Library in the user interface took only six months
  • Gained more flexibility within its product
  • Better UX for more than 24,000 users
  • Saved countless development time and resources

Company Profile

85% of the world’s premier financial institutions trust Fidessa to provide them with their multi-asset trading and investment infrastructure, market data and analysis, and decision making and workflow technology. Fidessa prides themselves on providing the most innovative and high-performance trading technology to global financial institutions and their end users.


Fidessa undertook a significant and strategic investment in the front-end with the desire to deploy advanced visualization techniques to their customers in a relatively short amount of time.

Overall Goal

Improve the user experience and enhance the product interface.


ChartIQ builds powerful, lightweight financial applications that redefine the trading experience for capital market institutions and financial technology firms around the world. We power the most intuitive data visualization software and specialize in advanced technical analysis, trading configurations, and high-performance charting. Using ChartIQ, Fidessa vastly improved the UX/UI and overall user experience for their 24,000+ users within 6 months time.


  • Achieved all front-end user interface goals in 6 months time. This goal was met thanks to the interactivity of the ChartIQ front-end and the power of the GUI, plus the enterprise-ready technology standards that were already built inside the application.
  • Able to quickly build and extend the Fidessa platform by adding their own data, aesthetic, and limiting restrictions.
  • Gained complete flexibility to precisely implement the models and frameworks anticipated for deployment by using ChartIQ’s HTML5 toolkit.
  • Presented an optimized user experience to their 24,000+ users around the world – blending the wealth of data that Fidessa provides with the best of charting technology that’s currently available.
  • Extended their own platform and saved on development hours and resources by finding the right vendor.


“ChartIQ had not only the right type of technology but was also a vendor who shared their vision of the future of the trading desktop.”

“It is very easy to establish prototypes and experiment with different data models inside the application. We probably could’ve built a charting application ourselves, but it would’ve taken us much longer, and it may not have been as sophisticated as ChartIQ’s, nor would it have come with the many benefits.”

“ChartIQ was there with us all the way. We always had someone we could call, rely on to give us the right answers, and be sure of efficiently turning things around. This has been an overwhelmingly very positive experience with ChartIQ.”

—Colm Furlong, Product Marketing Manager at Fidessa