Company Profile

Market Simplified is a fintech co-creative studio that has been helping financial services firms globally in their last mile digital transformation initiatives. With a legacy that spans over 15+ years, Our journey in the fintech space is in sync with the evolution of the industry itself. With experience of working on the customer side, Market Simplified’s products and services have always been those which customers wished for or aspired for. Our expertise in Capital Markets, including retail Forex Trading has made us a go-to-choice for global brands. Market Simplified’s vast experience in front-end interface development and user experience strategy along with a highly resilient and scalable middleware is a result of continuous innovation that has been taking place in the labs for over a decade. Market Simplified has been the go-to partner for financial services firms across India, U.S., APAC and Middle-East.

Executive Summary

At Market Simplified, we collaborate with our clients throughout the product lifecycle to offer a competitive advantage through:

  • Solution Consulting
  • UX Strategy & Design
  • Frontend Interface Development
  • Middleware Orchestration
  • QA Automation & Security
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure & Monitoring Support
  • Innovation Augmentation

“ChartIQ’s choice of technology and focused vision helped us decide to partner with them. The SDK and API approach for heterogeneous interfaces are brilliantly designed for developers. It became easier for us to integrate them, keep it lightweight, limit the size of mobile applications and have great performance.”

– Hiran Ramankutty, Chief Technology Architect


When we started 15 years ago, we invested heavily on building our in-house charting solution. It all started with PalmTreo, Blackberry and Symbian devices and later we built in-house charting solution for Android and iPhone also as they began to become popular. But when Market Simplified took huge scale diversification into products and took the growth acceleration path, we were looking for a charting solution that would fit our development needs and also add great value to our clients in pleasing their customers with world-class charting experience.


ChartIQ has been the most recommended and preferred charting solution for us. The extensive support and exhaustive documentation & examples offered by ChartIQ makes working with them developer friendly. We were at the liberty to select what was needed for our clients.


  • Our product and solutions got a refreshing Charting Experience compared to our in-house charting products
  • Overall product capability was enhanced significantly
  • Millennials using our products were empowered to take informed decisions on their trading strategies
  • Allowed us to focus on product offerings and overall experience

“Rather than investing heavily on in-house charting tools and creating technical debt, ChartIQ was the easier route.”  

– Hiran Ramankutty, Chief Technology Architect