National Bank Direct Brokerage (NBDB) is the online brokerage arm of the National Bank of Canada, one of Canada’s leading financial institutions. Since 1987, NBDB has offered Canadian investors accessible and reliable online trading products and services.

NBDB’s offering for self-directed investors is among the most comprehensive in the industry, that includes a trading platform, a mobile application, and interactive online events to help clients take their investing knowledge to the next level.

Executive summary

At NBDB, we believe in empowering people simply and intuitively. With a new trading platform and innovative tools to help them, NBDB offers investors an enhanced trading experience.

Our improvements are driven by the following:

  • Customer value creation
  • Purpose-driven components
  • Simple yet high performing tools
  • Ease of integration to increase time-to-market feedback

We believe that this agile mindset will give us the edge to lead the Canadian direct brokerage field.


In trying to modernize our quotation system, it was difficult to find a fully integrated product that would fit our needs in terms of a charting solution: either it would require a lot of adjustments to fit our needs or the available libraries would not capture our vision of simplicity and accessibility.

Furthermore, our hope was to leverage our partnerships with third-party providers to present a one-stop location to visualize market data. Afterall, there is nothing more talkative to trigger trading behaviors than a complete chart fully customized by a customer.


After comparing charting providers, we decided ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library was our best option. ChartIQ accompanied us with the utilization of the Charting Library. ChartIQ’s dedicated support team and comprehensive resource center, helped our developers to integrate the vast amount of studies and charting tools in an incremental way. The charting library allowed us to select what was important for our customers and deliver them over time rather than having to build the entire solution and push it.


NBDB, in collaboration with ChartIQ, can manage customer expectations by:

  • Offering charting features that were most important to customers as soon as possible;
  • Retrieving customer feedback and addressing issues early on;
  • Programming new charting features and delivering them over time;
  • Respecting our commitment to offer a simple, intuitive, and smooth charting tool.

“At NBDB, we regularly upgrade our charting capability to meet customer demand. ChartIQ makes this easy for us, as they are constantly enhancing their offering with more comprehensive studies, tools, and features.”

— Mario Fiore, Product Manager, NBDB