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ChartIQ 8.3 Release Highlights

Written by ChartIQ Engineer

ChartIQ 8.3 Release

The ChartIQ development team has been working hard so you can continue to provide an incredible charting experience for your end-users. Don’t forget to upgrade! In this post, we’ll be covering what’s new in the ChartIQ 8.3 release, such as new accessibility features and a cross section chart.

New Features

Market Depth Zoom Control

The new zoom control for market depth charts allows users to better see the limit order book close to the last execution price. This helps users hide orders that are significantly off-market and thereby distort the view of the market.

Depth of Market Zoom
Zoom control for market depth chart.

Cross Section Chart

New cross section charts enabling visualizations of all kinds. The cross section chart plots a matrix of data for a moment in time (including real-time). A cross section is a slice of a time series chart, which reveals the data contained in the slice, so users can compare data points across an array of data sets. 

Drop-down menus in the control area at the top of the window enable users to select the values plotted on the x and y axes (X: and Y: controls, respectively), determine which points are grouped (G: control), and filter the values by type or range (F: control).

Cross-Section Chart
The cross section chart allows users to fully control data such as options series, dates, and strikes.

Term Structure Graph: Timeline Date Selector

Term structure charts now have an option to display a Timeline Date Selector, which plots a mountain chart of spreads over time and allows the user to visually select the dates of curves to be displayed. Each point of the mountain chart shows the spread between two instruments on a particular date. Handles (slider controls) enable the selection of the dates shown for the main curve and related historical curves. The color of each handle corresponds to the color of the related curve. As the main curve handle is moved along the timeline, entity comparison curves (along with the main curve) change to reflect the selected date.

Additionally, the React and Angular component toolkits now include a Term Structure component that creates a complete yield curve chart.

Timeline Date Selector
Term structure chart with Timeline Date Selector. Historical curve handle selected to show toolbar options.

New Accessibility Features

Digital accessibility is imperative for users who need to access our charting solutions and smart desktop technology in different ways. Read our Overview of ChartIQ Accessibility. ChartIQ introduces even more keyboard accessibility with chart controls that can be navigated with tab or arrow keys. These controls include:

  • Symbol lookup
  • Comparison lookup
  • Chart legend (Plots control)
  • Study preferences dialog and delete (X) control (from the Studies menu)
  • Zoom and full screen controls, including continuous zoom
  • Range selector
Keyboard Shortcuts on chart
Comparison lookup selected using the Tab and arrow keys.

Keyboard shortcuts have been added to show/hide add-ons, plug-ins, and chart features such as:

  • Table View (to support screen readers) 
  • Outliers
  • Market Depth
  • Trade from Chart
  • Symbol Lookup. 

A complete list of keyboard shortcuts can be found in the Keyboard Shortcuts Legend, which can be opened from the Preferences menu or the keyboard shortcuts icon (at the bottom of the chart).

ChartIQ Accessibility Video Demo

Vue Component Toolkit 

The new Vue component toolkit enables developers to build charting applications in the Vue 2 framework. The components include everything from a basic chart to a complex, active trader desktop:

  • AdvancedChartComponent — Creates a full-featured chart with a fully developed user interface
  • CustomChartComponent — Integrates native Vue components with ChartIQ W3C-standard web components
  • ActiveTraderComponent — Sets up a comprehensive information dashboard for traders who trade frequently
  • Multi — Displays two advanced charts on screen simultaneously
  • HelloWorld — Creates a basic chart with no UI as a starting point for app development in Vue

See the chartiq-vue-app project on GitHub for more information.

Thanks to all of our clients!

Thank you for being a loyal ChartIQ client and trusting us to deliver world-class solutions for your users. For more information about upgrading, our premium modules, or to suggest items to add to our roadmap, contact us.

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