ChartIQ | February 15, 2023

ChartIQ 8.9 Release Highlights

Written by Dan Nicolai

ChartIQ and S&P Global

In case you missed the news, ChartIQ is now a part of S&P Global’s Market Intelligence Division. Together, we will ensure that both ChartIQ and S&P Global Market Intelligence customers receive unrivaled charting capabilities, robust data, workflow solution offerings, and essential intelligence across industries. As a ChartIQ client, you’ll continue to receive release highlights, with many of the features build from requests from clients like you. Reminder: don’t forget to upgrade!

New Features in 8.9

Measurement Line Tool

A new drawing tool is available, titled Measurement Line. This tool draws two draggable lines on a chart and highlights the area in the middle.

Measurement Line tool in action.

  • A trend line connecting the closing point is drawn between the vertical boundary lines.
  • A callout is visible that displays information about the highlighted area, such as study info, price difference, % difference, etc.
  • Clicking the Cog wheel in the drawing settings allows the user to select information that displays callout.

With this, users will be able to overlay multiple of these measurement areas on their chart to help perform more in-depth analysis.

In order to make this tool we had to make one crucial enhancement to the drawing tools…

Enhancements in 8.9

Vertical Drawing Lines Go Through Panels

Drawings that employ vertical lines will now have an option to have that line go through all of the panels.

Vertical line extends through the panels; “Span Panels” is checked.

  • The option to extend a vertical line through the panels is controlled by the “Span Panels” checkbox in the drawing options.
  • This applies to drawings that employ vertical lines, such as Vertical, Measurement Line, and Crossline.

CrossPlot Scaled X-Axis

The CrossPlot now has the capability to display a numerically scaled X-axis.

Scaled X-axis for Options Analytics chart adjusts its divisions based on zoom level.

This opens up two ways to view the X-axis in CrossPlot:

  1. Categorically: The axis will only display the values (numeric or text labels) that are supplied by the data points
  2. Scaled: Axis will display as numeric divisions of multiples of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50. The axis will adjust these divisions depending on the zoom level.

Selecting ‘None’ from Color Picker

Users can now make the fill for drawings transparent by selecting “None” from the color palette.

Selecting “None” from the color palette will render the fill for drawings transparent.

UI Enhancements in 8.9

Drawing Filters List Alphabetized

The drawing palette’s list of filters is now alphabetized.

Drawing palette’s filter list is alphabetized.

Multi-Chart Layout Preservation

Layouts created in the Multi-Chart template will now preserve the layout, even if modifications are made to the grid that hide previously visible charts.

Layout changes made to the grid preserve the position and symbol of charts that are hidden by changes.

Multi-Chart Single Trade-From-Chart

Multi-chart now uses only one instance of the Trade-From-Chart which can be applied to any of the charts in the grid.

Trade-from-Chart only has a single instance, and is applicable to any chart on the grid.

The ChartIQ development team has been working hard so you can continue to provide an incredible charting experience for your end-users. If you haven’t visited the ChartIQ client page lately, take a look at some of the new partnerships and use cases, including testimonials.

We hope you enjoy this new release, and always please reach out your account manager with additional questions.