Free access to world-renowned data.

Having technical analysis charting is critical to your platform, but it’s expensive to both license a charting library and populate it with market data. Why not choose the widget that includes powerful, interactive charts and world famous data?

With Yahoo Finance data, get a comprehensive suite of content from across the world.

  • 80+ number of exchanges covered
  • 20+ real time exchanges including Nasdaq, TSX and S&P indices
  • Plus currencies and futures
  • 9,500+ cryptocurrencies exchanges by market cap
  • U.S. options data from OPRA

Out-pace your competitors

ChartIQ is found on millions of screens around the world. With the ChartIQ Free Widget, your users will have access to the same offering as the full ChartIQ suite, including over 125+ studies, drawing tools, chart types and educational components. As a platform provider, you are only as good as your charts. Check out the ChartIQ difference.

Feature Comparison Matrix

ChartIQ Competitors
Chart Types 16+ 12
Pop-out Drawing Palette Y N
Drawing Tools Magnetize Y N
Custom User Themes Y N
Auto-save Y N
Studies 117 80

Meet more WCAG Accessibility standards with ChartIQ

ChartIQ includes pre-built accessibility features like tabbing and keyboard shortcuts. This means you can start to meet WCAG standards out-of-the-box, without having to do any coding yourself. It’s a win-win.

License the ChartIQ Free Widget today!

We’d love to get you started with the ChartIQ Free Widget. See how easy it is to give your users a powerful charting solution—with robust data, brought to you by Yahoo Finance.