As a retail brokerage or trading platform, you want your traders to be successful. With the recent boom of options trading (an unprecedented 33.31 billion contracts traded in 2021), now is the time to provide an options analysis solution that gives retail traders the tools they need to not only improve their profitability, but also compete with institutional traders.

Each underlying security has hundreds of option contracts related to it. Accordingly, an options trader’s decision is not as simple as long/short/hold/flat, they are also faced with an overwhelming array of possibilities, such as:

  • Puts or Calls
  • Which strike to trade (Is it liquid)
  • Which expiry to trade
  • Outright position or multi-leg strategy
  • Long or short volatility

By providing an innovative set of powerful analytical tools, ChartIQ helps traders find the best route to navigate these complicated possibilities. This makes your users more than just a number—they now have the power to become profitable, successful traders that in turn become your long-term clients.

Give your users the power to become profitable and successful traders.

Visualizations help them answer complicated options analysis questions such as puts or calls, or which expiry to trade. Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Easily view
open interest

open interest chart

See the change
in implied vol curve

implied vol curve

Visualize calls
and/or puts

Display and view expiration dates at-a-glance

by strikes

Proprietary studies provide new insights

Sentiment by Strike study

With ChartIQ Options Analytics, traders can:

  • Visualize data in real-time—implied volatility, volume, open interest, greeks or bid/ask
  • Combine technical analysis with options market activity and position information
  • Use volatility to project probable future price range
  • Plot historical volatility, implied volatility history, put/call ratios with underlying price data
  • Compare shifts in option curves over time, option expiries or across instruments
Price Chart with Volatility Cone and Sentiment By Strike studies displayed.

Proprietary studies to visualize options data

One of the innovative features of the ChartQ Options Analysis platform is the Sentiment by Strike study, which overlays options volume or open interest on the price chart.

The integration of options data in context of the underlying price data allows users to build on their knowledge of markets based on technical analysis. This way, traders have an understanding of how other traders are positioned in the options market. A core objective of technical analysis is understanding how the “smart money” is positioned. The Sentiment by Strike study helps reveal this information.

Visualizing options in an easy-to-interpret format—that traders use every day for trading underlying equities—puts them one step closer to more sophisticated option trading strategies. It’s just one way that ChartIQ helps you see more successful traders on your platform.

Boost Trading Platform Usage

Savvy retail brokerages use our Options Analytics toolkit to give their platform an advantage. There are no general purpose interactive real-time, white label graphic solutions designed specifically for option analytics. Providers using ChartIQ can now lead the charge with a new way to allow options traders to view (and learn about) options market data.

Provide Options Analytics Faster

The time is now to get Options Analytics built into your platform. Every day that you wait is a day that a new equity trader starts researching and trading options. ChartIQ decreases time to value by providing an extensive SDK. Our documentation is easy, our getting started guide is top notch, and our clients love our customer support. We’ll get you up and running in no time—keeping you in line with your competitors.

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Give your users the power to visually analyze (and build) their options strategy.