The World's Most Powerful HTML5 Charting Library

Found on millions of desktops around the world, our powerful HTML5 charts elevate trading platforms and give users of all levels a competitive edge.

  • Bring complex data-sets to life with HTML5 data visualization
  • Provide users access to popular chart types for common frameworks
  • Leverage powerful app integrations to build out your solution
  • Create efficient workflows and a new streamlined way to work for your users

Experience the ChartIQ difference and never miss another market opportunity.

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The ChartIQ Difference

Personalize educational components that integrate directly with our powerful HTML5 charts on day one. ChartIQ allows your end-users to work confidently and more efficiently with all the information they need in one place.

Quick time-to-market

Differentiate your platform with drop-in UI templates. Easily add interactive, financial charts to your application with our purpose-built SDK, injection API, extensive documentation, and support. Create a fully customized platform to fit business-specific needs.


From the very beginning, we consider your visualization initiative a living project that can be modified over time. ChartIQ will grow or shift with you, whether it’s expanding into options analytics or building out a post-trade visualization solution.

Finance-First UI

ChartIQ understands the unique nature of financial market data and the user interface challenges created by market complexities. To meet the needs of financial professionals, our x-axis has business logic built-in out-of-the-box.

Best-in-class Developer Support

Enjoy US-based support with years of expertise in securities-based software. Regular upgrades give you peace of mind, so you know your charts will always be compatible and include the most up-to-date functionality.

Fully Customizable

Append, prepend, or overwrite any function of the Charting Library. Take advantage of out-of-the-box templates, or create your very own capabilities to fit the requirements of your end users.

Cross-platform Support

ChartIQ works across any platform—browser, desktop app, tablet, and mobile. We deliver the same consistent financial charts UI and functionality to any device on any OS.

Construction equipment building chart

Solutions for all sectors of the finance industry

ChartIQ’s modular architecture allows you to provide traders of all levels with what they need to succeed.

Expand your offering with premium modules.

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High-powered mobile charting library

ChartIQ for mobile features everything users love about our world renowned charting solution, in an easy-to-install application that is now optimized for native mobile app integration. A powerful interactive chart deserves the power of a native-app experience.

Shape a New Way to Work

Featured Video Use Cases



Active Trader plus Trade from Chart is a trading specific toolkit to compliment our high-performance, time series charts. Attract and retain active traders with a holistic platform that outperforms the competition.



Get true order transparency with ChartIQ Post-Trade Visualization. Firms spend millions on trade compliance to meet regulations like Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, but lack the tools to visualize what happened in the life cycle of an order. Now they can.

Fixed Income, Currencies, and Commodities


With Term Structure Graph, fixed income traders can reap the benefits of graphic data displays. Get real-time, interactive charts for fixed income, commodities, and currency sectors.

Traders aren’t all the same.
Their charting platform shouldn’t be either.
Out-of-the-Box Features

Our core charting package gives you everything you need to install a robust charting package immediately. To see our charts in action, visit our demo page or check out these featured videos.

Smart Zoom
Drawing Tools

Utilizing Studies

Premium Modules

ChartIQ’s modular architecture allows you to provide traders of all levels what they need to succeed. Expand your offering with these premium modules.

Choose Your Framework + Platform

ChartIQ is the first and only professional grade HTML5 Charting Library solution that integrates seamlessly on any platform (mobile, web, desktop), or framework (Angular, React).

With ChartIQ, you can write your code once and use it everywhere, eliminating the need for separate charting libraries for each platform and maintaining multiple code bases.