Who is the TradingView customer?

TradingView is a social trading application and currently has seen tremendous success. It is currently one of the fastest growing applications for individual traders in the world who are looking for free, premium or paid plans. Second to their primary business objectives, they also offer their financial charts/widgets to vendors, brokers, and exchanges. For the purpose of this page, we’ll focus on the second audience.

Are your users your own?

It is in TradingView’s best interest to bring users over to their site, and they have various tactics in doing so. When you embed a TradingView widget on your page, the company benefits. Attribution linkbacks for major SEO, direct and indirect traffic, branding, and product placement all contribute to growing the TradingView user base. In fact, collecting users by leveraging their partner network is part of their business model.

Note: If you are using TradingView—you may want to check out your bounce rate. It’s important to pay attention to a declining user base.

“In lieu of a traditional marketing strategy, the company [TradingView] provides charts to highly-trafficked finance sites like Investopedia free of charge, gaining exposure to millions of unique users every month.”

—Source: BuiltIn, How TradingView gets in front of millions of prospective users for free

ChartIQ clients consist of vendors and brokers, not individual traders. ChartIQ’s business model is to deliver high-quality charts so that you can impress and maintain YOUR users—not worry about them being taken away from you.

Did you know? Attribution links lure your users to the TradingView website for more detailed analysis.

Customization differentiates your platform

ChartIQ clients value differentiating themselves from the competition and making their offering truly their own. A TradingView chart is a one-size-fits-all approach—which is convenient if you want to drop-it and forget it. However, if you believe in the importance of your brand ChartIQ is a better fit.

Additionally, ChartIQ offers a robust client co-marketing program to help you promote your ingenuity and project results—via video testimonial, case studies, webinars, and more.

In fact, Zerodha, Stockcharts.com and Iress have all recently shared their stories implementing ChartIQ.

Testimonials help showcase your charting project to your clients




Support for your product vision

TradingView is the go-to product provider for thousands of platforms but that’s where it ends: product provider. ChartIQ provides a partner-level approach from day one. If you want the full suite: project ideation, product, and support, ChartIQ checks the boxes.

The ChartIQ U.S.-based Client Success team and documentation is best-in-class, while TradingView’s engineering team is in Eastern-Europe to keep costs down: Source, TechCrunch. Your developers can share code snippets and get implementation help directly from the team who maintain the product. The average response time to support questions is 24 hours.

ChartIQ will grow with you, whether it’s expanding into options analytics or building a post-trade visualization solution. Developers aren’t “stuck” with off-the-shelf functionality that doesn’t advance as their platform advances.

“ChartIQ is a partner that has been genuinely invested in our success. We’ve only really scratched the surface of what we can do.”

—Clifton Anderson, Principal Product Owner at FactSet

ChartIQ Technical Analysis:
A best-in-breed solution

✔ Interactive, high-performance time series charts
✔ End-user personalization via chart tools and types
✔ Symbol comparison, technical indicators and company events
✔ SignalIQ: apply a signal marker to any study
✔ Studies available on the server with study calculator
✔ Smart Zoom
✔ Data Forecasting
✔ Animation
✔ Tooltip
✔ 19 Chart Types
✔ 125+ studies
✔ 30+ drawing tools

Satisfy your active traders.

ChartIQ for mobile features everything users love about our world renowned charting solution, in an easy-to-install application that is now optimized for native mobile app integration. A powerful interactive chart deserves the power of a native-app experience.

Learn more about our optimized native mobile app integration

Smart brokerages choose ChartIQ

Different business models differentiate the two charting platforms. ChartIQ clients want beautiful, feature-rich charts without attributing them to another provider. TradingView’s main business is attracting users—even if those users are your own. If maintaining users is a high priority, and you want to invest in your business, ChartIQ may be your trading platform of choice.

Learn more about the different ChartIQ packages and pricing here.