On choosing ChartIQ: If you want to show information to your customers in a manner that they would understand and they would be able to go back and and use it for their benefit, I think you should just go for it.

—Hanan Delvi, Zerodha Chief Client Officer


The whole team behind ChartIQ is always thinking of ways to expand the platform to make it better, make it faster, make it sharper. We have tremendously enjoyed working with ChartIQ because building great products has been made so much easier.

—Grayson Roze, VP of Operations at Stockcharts.com

ChartIQ Case Studies

Looking to modernize their quotation system, National Bank of Canada needed a fully integrated charting solution that was simple and accessible. ChartIQ helped leverage their partnerships with third-party providers to present a one-stop location to visualize market data.Read case study

Using ChartIQ, Fidessa vastly improved the UX/UI and overall user experience for their 24,000+ users within 6 months time. Fidessa was able to quickly build and extend their platform by adding their own data, aesthetic, and limiting restrictions.Read case study

Market Simplified
Rather than investing heavily on in-house charting tools and creating technical debt, Market Simplified discovered that ChartIQ was the easier route. Their team took advantage of ChartIQ’s extensive support, documentation, and templates to create a developer-friendly experience.

Read case study

Partnering with [ChartIQ], who’s considered to be a leader in the industry, we felt that we would really be able to accelerate our time to market, improve the user experience for our users, and it would afford us the opportunity to focus on the key aspects of charting that we felt differentiates us at Iress.

—Colette Nothnagel​, Iress Associate Product Manager

I’d recommend ChartIQ to anyone looking for more than just a charting engine, but a robust charting platform you can build on and tailor to the needs of your clients.

—Cliff Anderson, Factset Product Manager

ChartIQ Partnerships

MT Newswires, the leader in delivering original and unbiased financial news to the global investment community, can now be integrated directly on your ChartIQ chart. End users can interact with news events by clicking the MT Newswires icon to see what event may have caused a security’s position to change. For those who want access to real-time, multi-asset class news without leaving their chart, it’s a game-changer. Read about MT Newswires partnership.

Autochartist is a world-renowned technology partner that provides real-time market analysis for traders. Traders can see market opportunities at a glance, reducing the complexity of chart analysis. Backed by big data, Autochartist’s proprietary pattern recognition technology identifies trends that may be present in a given market dataset by drawing the patterns, such as rising and falling wedges, head-and-shoulder patterns, and flag formations, to enable traders to make smarter trading decisions. Read about Autochartist partnership.

GoNoGo Charts, llc has partnered with ChartIQ to help traders and investors take the guesswork out of making important trading decisions. The name “GoNoGo” comes from the phrases “go” and “no go” used by NASA engineers to indicate space launch readiness. They take a weight-of-the-evidence approach working through rigorous checklists to put probabilities in their favor. Help make more responsible traders! Read about GoNoGo partnership.