Integration gives traders an advantage with powerful ChartIQ charts and the most accurate, timely, and representative earnings estimate data set available. The Estimize Visual Earnings Toolkit provides a highly accurate and representative data set of true market expectations by crowdsourcing earnings and economic estimates from hedge fund, brokerage, independent and amateur analysts. Combined with traditional data sources of Wall Street consensus, traders can produce better returns and identity market opportunities faster.

ChartIQ and Estimize in Action

ChartIQ Visual Earnings is our novel and proprietary plugin for displaying actual and estimated earnings and revenue data in the context of price action on a technical analysis chart. In addition to the traditional Wall St consensus data, Visual Earnings brings in the crowdsourced data set from our partner at Estimize.

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Currently, 100,000 analysts contribute to Estimize, resulting in coverage on over 2,200 stocks and 80 economic indicators each quarter. The Estimize consensus has proven more accurate than comparable sell side data sets over 74% of the time and by 15% on average.


Diverse Community of 100,000+ Contributors

Sample Integration

Here is a sample of Estimize data integrated with a ChartIQ chart.
Estimize consensus data is overlaid on expected earnings release dates.
The larger the consensus, the larger the “bubble.”