HTML5 and finance: A paradigm shift

Building for Tomorrow’s Financial Applications

In this clip, Cosaic CTO Terry Thorsen discusses the advantages of ChartIQ as a software development kit. ChartIQ allows developers and product managers to embed financial charts into their application and interact with them leveraging the power of HTML5.

JavaScript and HTML5
in Finance

Legacy tech matters, and is used (and depended on) frequently in capital markets. But can we pave a way for HTML5 and modern web technologies? Cosaic CTO Terry Thorsen discusses how interactivity matters to traders and analysts, and how ChartIQ gives them that interactivity with JavaScript and HTML5 on the desktop.

HTML5: The Future
of Finance

Cosaic CTO Terry Thorsen discusses how technology in the finance industry is undergoing a rapid change as firms shift from legacy technologies built in Java, .NET and C++ to HTML5. The promise of HTML5 is interactivity and an overall better user experience.

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In this interview with The Finance Hive, Cosaic CEO and co-founder Dan Schleifer discusses how interoperability can help buy-sides optimize trader and portfolio manager workflows—without the heavy lift many expect. Additionally, Dan discusses how to extend automated workflows and build a multi-asset class strategy.


FDC3 in the Wild Real World

Many firms are becoming familiar with the universal open-source FDC3 standard and understand how it is integral to interoperability between financial applications. However, firms may not be aware of real world use cases that are being solved for today. In this presentation, we discuss how FDC3 is used in the wild, with special guest Symphony to discuss how FDC3-connected applications have helped to solve their end user pain points.

  • See workflows live action workflows presented by Symphony
  • Hear from Chief Product Officer Eugene Sorenson how clients are embracing the standard
  • Understand how, as an application provider, you can benefit from becoming FDC3-enabled to help your clients.


Whats new with FDC3 2.0

The FDC3 2.0 release is the first major revision to the Standard since the v1.0 release in 2019 and there are many new developments to share. In this presentation, FDC3 experts and co-lead maintainers Kris West and Riko Eksteen walk you through some of the most recent additions and how they help FDC3 adopters to both tackle new use-cases and improve on existing ones.

They’ll be presenting an overview of:

  • How FDC3 has evolved from context sharing and intents to supporting complex workflows with transactions and feeds.
  • New Intents (actions) and Context definitions supporting real-world workflows.
  • The new app directory standard, enabling vendors and firms to publish their apps to run on any Desktop Agent.
  • The new and improved Standards portal website.
  • What’s next for FDC3.

Transforming Financial Institutions: Value Creation through Technology Innovation and Operational Change

Our own Chief Operating Officer Joerg Ruetschi‘s book is out this week, answering questions such as: How can new technologies reinvigorate the finance industry? What works to improve performance and operational efficiencies? How can #interoperability impact banks and buy-sides?

From the press release: “International finance expert Joerg Ruetschi delivers a globally relevant methodology and value creation framework that combines strategic and financial decision-making with asset-liability and technology management.”

We’re excited that Joerg has made this fantastic contribution to finance and technology, and many thanks to Wiley publishing. Buy book here.

Symphony Innovate Panel On-Demand: A New Approach to the Financial Services Desktop

At Symphony Innovate 2021, industry experts – including reps from Symphony and FINOS (along with Cosaic CEO and Co-Founder Dan Schleifer) discussed the future of financial desktops. Key takeaway? Without a doubt, the future is interoperability and FDC3. Learn why it’s imperative for your firm to start thinking about these interoperability standards today.

“In five years you won’t buy software from a vendor that doesn’t speak FDC3 and you won’t have an internal development team that doesn’t know FDC3. Interoperability means having standards around the communication and an orchestration layer to make it happen.” —Cosaic CEO Dan Schleifer. Learn more about FDC3 here.

FDC3 Fast and Easy

Introducing the FDC3 Workbench for Vendors As desktop interoperability gains momentum, app vendors must prepare for expectations from clients who look for FDC3-enabled applications to join their integrated desktops. Getting your application FDC3-enabled is easier than ever with the new FINOS-contributed project, FDC3 Workbench. This new developer tool makes it easy to verify that your application communicates correctly with other apps using FDC3 protocol, while additionally providing a fully-featured desktop agent—Finsemble—to develop in.

Electron For The Enterprise

The Enterprise Mashup is an emergent approach to building desktop software with #electron at its core. At CovalenceConf 2020, Cosaic co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Emeritus Terry Thorsen explores new thinking around Electron for UX, security, deployment and inter-op.

The Fabric of Capital Markets: How FDC3 Standards Mirror the FIX Path to Ubiquity

For those unfamiliar with FDC3, we like to make the comparison to the universal FIX Trading Community standards that define trading as we know it today. In this TabbFORUM article, Cosaic CEO Dan Schleifer compares similarities between the standards, such as vendor neutrality, community-driven collaboration, and the fact they are open/free.

Quotes from FINOSNatWest Corporates and InstitutionsFactSet, and Charles River Development provide color on FDC3 in the industry.

Awakening the Sleeping Giant: The Future of RegTech.

The 2021 Citi Digital Money Symposium featured a panel, “Awakening the Sleeping Giant: The Future of RegTech.” Cosaic CEO Dan Schleifer joins guests from Citi Innovation Lab, ING Lab, FUSE from Allen & Overy, and European Banking Authority.

Fintech Focus TV—Dan Schleifer, Co-Founder and CEO at Cosaic

Cosaic CEO Dan Schleifer joins Toby Babb on this week’s episode of Fintech Focus TV. Discussing “the golden age of collaboration,” Dan outlines how desktop interoperability is invaluable when it comes to streamlining workflow and connecting applications (and end users) in global work-from-home orders.

Understanding Traders: COVID19 Edition / Virtual Vision Finance

Market volatility presents brokers with vast opportunities, but to seize them one needs to know how traders behave during these unique times. Well, that’s precisely what our panelists do for a living. Join us to harness the data they gather about the most popular assets today, Corona-era trading patterns and other data-backed bits of wisdom to boost your trading business.

Leveraging Contextual Data to Take Real-time Action

At 2019 Symphony Innovate, CEO Dan Schleifer discussed how application overload has been plaguing the desktops of the finance industry and beyond for years. To increase end user effectiveness, efficiency, and reduce error rates, workflow solutions like Finsemble are here to help. In this live demo, see ChartIQ charts shared in real-time within the Symphony messaging application.

Integrating YellowFin & iPushPull into Finsemble


In this FINJS presentation, Director of Solutions Engineering Kris West showcases the power of application interoperability. The Finsemble ecosystem of applications allows you to bring together tools you use every day for sophisticated workflow. This demo leverages the power of Finsemble to bring together well-known financial applications YellowFin and iPushPull for an integrated workflow.

Data Visualization on the Desktop


In this FINJS presentation, see how you can use web technologies to create advanced, integrated desktop environments. Panopticon is a streaming visual and analytics platform for the financial sector. This demonstration shows how Finsemble and Panopticon come together for advanced workflow and powerful context sharing.

The Long Tail of Easy Features

Drastically accelerated time to market sets Finsemble apart from other smart desktop platforms. In this presentation Jim Bunting, Director of Business Development, walks through the various features that come out-of-the-box with the Finsemble SDK. UI functions like hotkeys, snapping and docking, and application auto-arrange have all been carefully thought through by our engineers. Seems easy, right? See how the “long-tail” of the easy features is harder than it seems.

Bank On It Podcast

A company culture of interpersonal communication can lead to surprising results. “Our second product was created because of a need we saw by visiting existing customers,” says CEO and co-founder Dan Schleifer.

GridTalks Podcast

Dan Schleifer, Founder and CEO of Cosaic describes his quest to break down the barriers between financial services’ applications to allow users to work effectively and to benefit from all that the browser experience can offer.

Why Two Y-Axes (Y2Y): A Case Study for Visual Correlation with Dual Axes

Brath, R., C. Hagerman and E. Sorenson, 24th International Conference Information Visualisation, Vienna, September 2020

Many researchers and authors recommend against dual axis charts. We provide a case study of timeseries correlation analysis in financial services where dual axis charts superimpose series to facilitate observation of local patterns. Fine-grain patterns cannot be otherwise perceived using a single axis charts, normalization charts, scatterplots nor statistical correlation analysis.

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