ChartIQ | October 4, 2022

Is the MT4 and MT5 ban costing you new users? Build your own mobile application with ChartIQ

Written by Eugene Sorenson

The announcement last week that iOS-based devices can no longer download MT4 and MT5 apps came as a huge surprise to brokerages who depend on MetaTrader* software for their business. Now, a scramble to find a replacement application is rippling across the industry.

According to Finance Magnate’s Quarterly Intelligence Report for Q2 of 2022, MT4 and MT5 together account for 83.8% of the total online trading platform market share. At ChartIQ, we believe there is no reason that this application ban should affect the hundreds of brokerages who depend on MetaTrader for their business.

Our solution? A complete front-end toolkit to build your own mobile trading application that not only fills the front-end “gap” created by the MT4 and MT5 ban, but will also meet and exceed trader expectations. Now you can continue to leverage the power of MetaTrader, but can now deliver a truly unique experience for your traders.

High-powered mobile charting library

Your mobile trading application is only as good as its charts. Everything you get from our high-performance charting library can now be experienced on any mobile device, including 125 technical indicators, customizable drawing tools, an array of chart styles, and more.

Time to revamp your trading platform?

As they say, when one door closes, another opens. For some, the MT4 and MT5 ban could be seen as an opportunity to refresh a (in some cases) dated platform. ChartIQ is an award-winning charting solution used by online brokerages, institutions, and capital markets world-wide. Clients like E-trade, Yahoo Finance, and Zerodha choose ChartIQ’s high-quality charts across their web and mobile platforms, helping millions of traders make smart decisions.

With ChartIQ, brokers can:

  • Customize and white-label a front-end trading platform unique to your brand standards
  • Offer traders a market-leading technical analysis solution with 125+ technical indicators, advanced drawing tools and chart types—all available on mobile
  • Provide advanced integrations and educational components, such as Autochartist, GoNoGo, and MT Newswires
  • Build trade-from-the-chart and depth of chart features

Take control of your trading platform UI

Distinguish yourself from your competitors by building a platform that can be catered to your power users. Keep current traders trading and attract new users with a market-leading UI. Work with white-glove U.S.-based support to build a platform where you own the code and control your UI—all while continuing to leverage the power of MetaTrader.


Zerodha discusses the benefits of the ChartIQ support team

Every day you wait, you are missing out on new IOS traders

Currently, there is no sign of the MT4 and MT5 iOS application ban being lifted. Android users can continue to download MT4 and MT5, but it’s anyone’s guess for how long. Although existing MetaTrader 4 and 5 users can still access the application, they are unable to upgrade or download new features. It’s important to find a replacement to fill the MT4/MT5 gap today.

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