What is CrossPlot?

CrossPlot allows you to provide linked graphic displays through cross-section plots. CrossPlot specializes in displaying data as a snapshot in time across an array of instruments. Go beyond time series charts and easily compare an array of instruments across multiple data dimensions. CrossPlot provides the ability to display up to seven data dimensions simultaneously.

The most flexible chart on the market

CrossPlot is the most flexible chart on the market, and it serves as a complement to ChartIQ time-series charting that our clients (and their clients) have grown to depend on.

CrossPlot is a single chart capable of endlessly different data visualizations. You may have seen CrossPlot in various ChartIQ use cases such as Options Analytics or Term Structure Graph, all of which are built from CrossPlot at their core.

With CrossPlot you can:

  • Display data that isn’t tied to time-series and/or calendar dates
  • Select and compare individual data points against each other
  • Swap out the axes to display different aspects of data (such as categorical, as opposed to numerical)

Display data in imaginative ways

CrossPlot shows many dimensions of data simultaneously using size, color, positioning, and data labels. In addition to the two chosen labels on the axes, that’s currently six dimensions of data in one chart. Future work allowing both vertical and horizontal histograms will add even more dimensions of data.

Building in integrations using both chart offerings will allow users to dive deep into their data and explore it from many different perspectives.

The benefits of CrossPlot extend into all sectors of finance, leading to a broad array of creative use cases.

Fixed Income: Clients who deal in bonds can benefit from our real-time Yield Curve implementation of CrossPlot

Derivatives: CrossPlot implementations handle many use cases involving Options Analytics

Ground-breaking data visualization

ChartIQ clients have mountains of financial data and are hungry for smart ways to display that data. CrossPlot can provide clients with the flexibility needed to visualize their data in unexpected, groundbreaking ways.

ChartIQ: The data visualization leader

Every chart tells a story. CrossPlot takes this narrative to the next level, with endless possibilities for data display.

While plenty of charting libraries offer categorical charts in addition to time-series charts, interplay between these two charts is unique to ChartIQ. With Crossplot, you’ll see the rich interaction required to support data exploration and comprehension.

Charts this flexible and powerful are rare. For example, you rarely, if ever, see a chart that can swap out its X and Y axes. CrossPlot is available now as a premium package add-on to your core Chart.