Benefits for the FICC Trader

  • Visualize data instantly
  • Real-time display highlights market activity
  • Interactive chart includes zoom and pan
  • See relationships between points on the curve
  • Time-stamped data points allow users to see recent updates
  • Compare curves over time and across products
  • Drill down to see a time series chart for multiple instruments
  • View curve spreads with interactive analysis tool


Live graphics for all your FICC instruments.

Yield Curve
Compares financial instrument yields at various maturity dates, such as from one month to 30 years.

✔ Commodity and Financial Futures Term Structure
Plots the array of futures contract prices for currently listed instruments, highlighting the relationship of supply and demand based on the delivery date of the contract.

✔ FX Forwards and Swaps
Visually plot and analyze a currency pair’s forward curve across a selected time frame.

See Price Fluctuation in Real-Time

  • A “live” display with data point monitoring puts an end to static, snapshot views.
  • One click access shows an interactive time-series chart, displaying full history/deep dive of the instrument.

Data points highlight and become “fresh” when price has changed.

Customization is Key

  • Chart supports an array of securities: futures, swaps, forwards, options.
  • Change settings, data fields, date range, and support multiple curves.
  • Choose your own content by modifying the X-axis using an array of value/label pairs to compare any type of data, for example an implied volatility curve.

ChartIQ Serves the Whole of Finance

Post-Trade Visualization

Tackle trade reconstruction and help compliance officers meet regulations set by Dodd-Frank and MiFiD II. Users can see the timeline of events that occur during an order. Easily merge proprietary data (chats, phone logs, OMS data) with market data.

Learn more about Post-Trade Visualization
Chart displaying BondCliq data

Using Time Series Charts in Credit Markets

Partnerships with market data providers allows further visualization into FICC. For example, our partnership with BondCliQ provides insights to liquidity in the credit markets. Using time series charts to showcase BondCliQ’s unique historical data activity of credit instruments is an exciting new way to view bond data.

Read the blog post


The D3 javascript graphics library integration empowers users to build visualization solutions that combine our world-renowned time-series charts with traditional graphics, like pies and histograms. Combining ChartIQ with D3.js produces linked visualization solutions that are driven by a single real-time data source and updated simultaneously.


D3.js horizontal bar chart overlaid on a time-series mountain chart.