Symphony Demo – FDC3

Symphony Innovate London 2022
This demo showcases Symphony’s interoperability, flexibility and open architecture via FDC3 protocol. Leveraging FDC3, data and information can be seamlessly shared across multiple platforms on the same desktop. In this demo we showcase FX liquidity pricing via Tradefeedr and data and trading analytics via ChartIQ with Finsemble as a desktop agent.

For Users

Presenting convincing analytics and chart data has never been easier. With ChartIQ + Symphony you can quickly and easily share interactive charts, data insights, and analytics without compromise.  ChartIQ delivers all our advanced charting tools for ultimate control and quick comprehension.

  • Identify—Gain early insight into tradable market opportunities. ChartIQ makes it easy to define and illustrate trade strategies with advanced charting and analysis.
  • Collaborate—Rapidly organize, prioritize and share visual data to your entire network with just one click.
  • Share—Send your strategies and notes compliantly via chat using the most technically advanced trading tools.
  • Connect—Use any market data and connect to the industry’s leading charting interface.
  • Build your workspace—Group charts, watch lists, and financials together to suit your own preferences.

For Institutions

Our technology was built to address the complex and individualized needs of a trading desk with precision and performance.

  • The ChartIQ app is data agnostic, allowing banks to display any data set, from any source.
  • With Symphony, all charts can be saved and shared in a secure and compliant environment that is backed by regulation standards.
  • Multiple studies, sophisticated charts, and advanced drawing tools bring data to life for any end user.
  • ChartIQ is modular with a modern UI. Choose from the option to connect to your OMS or build your own tools.
  • High-performing – No other web-based charting solution runs faster or as effectively visualizes financial data.

Got Data?

ChartIQ is able to source data from any feed or vendor – imagine your own data, beautifully rendered with little to no operational costs. ChartIQ simplifies this complex process and brings all your valuable data into one central interface and display. Together, Symphony and ChartIQ make it possible for users to easily share data and analysis to any financial network and in a single click.

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