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Multi-chart view for trader workflow

Fully customizable + quick time-to-market

ChartIQ drop-in UI templates make it easy to install a financial chart in a matter of hours, and “light” customization such as specific UX or brand requirements can be done with minimal effort. When a client wants to build an entirely new UI to provide a proprietary UX and/or a complete trading platform, ChartIQ is the industry leader. Our purpose-built SDK, injection API, extensive documentation, and U.S.- based customer support helps clients create a fully customized platform to fit their business specific needs.

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Cross-platform support

ChartIQ works across any platform—browser, desktop app, tablet and mobile. We deliver the same consistent financial charts UI and functionality to any device on any OS. Additionally, our native-application wrapper gives end-users the benefit of native controls for a fully integrated mobile application experience.

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  • Future-proof
    From the very beginning, we consider your visualization initiative a living project that can be modified over time. ChartIQ will grow or shift with you, whether it’s expanding into options analytics or building out a post-trade visualization solution. Additionally, developers aren’t “stuck” with the off-the-shelf functionality, and the solution can adapt as different needs arise over time.
  • Finance-first UI
    Finance-first UI
    Financial professionals expect their graphic solutions to be highly interactive so that they can compare and contrast data sets to drive their decision making process. This is complicated by the unique nature of financial market data and the user interface challenges created by market complexities like timezones, market sessions, lunch hours, etc. ChartIQ has addressed these corner-cases because we understand the needs of the financial professional. In fact, our x-axis has business logic built-in out-of-the-box.

Your workflow solution provider

The future of finance involves app-app communication. With ChartIQ, you can easily integrate with third-party applications to build a completely individualized user experience and enhance end-user workflow. Deliver the most sophisticated UI in active trading and differentiate your platform.

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Best-in-class developer experience

Development teams are in good hands with white-glove support, tools and documentation to quickly release a customized solution. We provide multiple JS development frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue. With partner-level guidance from our US-based Client Success team, developers can share code snippets and get advice on implementation directly from the team who created and maintain the product. Regular upgrades mean your charts will always be compatible and include the most up-to-date functionality.

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  • Trusted by the biggest names in finance
    Trusted by the biggest names in finance
    Tier 1 banks and buy-sides—along with world-renowned financial service providers—use ChartIQ to deliver best-in-class financial charts for their clients. With security top-of-mind, and the technology stack to scale, ChartIQ can be found in platforms like Zerodha, E*Trade, Bank of Canada and Yahoo Finance. Hear from FactSet directly about the benefits of ChartIQ.
  • WCAG accessibility
    WCAG accessibility
    ChartIQ includes pre-built accessibility features like tabbing and keyboard shortcuts so clients can begin to meet WCAG standards out-of-the-box. Helping to make our clients’ solutions more accessible for their clients is a cycle of inclusiveness that we’re happy to be a part of. Learn about accessibility at ChartIQ.

“The entire team at Coinone considers ChartIQ as one of the most reliable solutions for markets charting. ChartIQ’s Charting Library supports various plugins, advanced charting and technical indicators that users love, and provides fast support feedback.”

—Tony Park, Product Manager, Coinone


“Partnering with [ChartIQ], who’s considered to be a leader in the industry, we felt that we would really be able to accelerate our time to market, improve the user experience for our users, and it would afford us the opportunity to focus on the key aspects of charting that we felt differentiates us at Iress.”

—Colette Nothnagel​, Iress Associate Product Manager