ChartIQ | January 28, 2021

TradingView launched a desktop app. Should you?

Written by Dan Schleifer

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From desktop to web and back again.

As a retail brokerage or financial portal with a web-only market data or trading platform, we believe you should bring your application to the desktop now. Not in a few months, not in a year, but now.

ChartIQ brings data visualization to capital markets with web-based HTML5 charts. Our software development kit makes it easy for retail brokerages and trading platforms to incorporate powerful charts into their application. But more and more we’re seeing our clients encountering user-demand for desktop versions of their applications. In this post, we’ll explore why that is, and also a solution for you to “break out of the browser” and easily create a multi-window desktop application.

Coming full circle.

360 full circle arrowIn December 2020, TradingView launched a desktop version of its ubiquitous financial web application. Citing reasons like multi-monitor support and desktop experience, Trading View Desktop gives users a downloadable application with an attractive icon that becomes sticky in the user’s toolbar. Following in the footsteps of Slack, Zoom, and What’s App, TradingView is part of a growing number of popular web applications that want to provide their users with a desktop version.

Now, in seconds, TradingView users with browser-tab fatigue can easily pop open their charting solution and reap the benefits of native, multi-monitor support, with a faster user experience to boot.

Surely you’re going to want to follow suit, and do so quickly as user demand increases. Within a number of months or years we believe many more web apps will develop a desktop version. Desktop apps with native-like experience (such as multi-window workspaces, notifications, taskbar icons, and advanced UX) are more likely to become the users’ go-to.

It’s time for your application to exist alongside players like Zoom and Slack, along with your users’ favorite native or legacy applications. But what’s the easiest way to bring your web application to the desktop? A smart desktop platform like Finsemble is here to help.

Break out of the browser.

Your application shiningWeb technology is a great way to build powerful, beautiful applications, but as you know single page applications delivered in the browser have limited user experience possibilities. Applications for professionals like photo, video, and sound editing software have always required flexible UX. And most importantly, your most valuable users—active traders—favor a multi-monitor desktop experience and do most of their work outside of the browser tab. Building and maintaining a custom native .NET, Java, or C++ desktop platform just for them is impractical and expensive (and starting from scratch on our favorite framework—Electron—does mean building costly infrastructure and a long road to production). As more web-based charting, trading, and market data apps deploy to desktop, active traders will be looking for a solution that exists within their desktop workflow.

Make your active traders happy.

Finsemble allows you to build powerful, multi-window desktop software using HTML5 web technology. This means you can use a single code base for both your web application and your desktop version. With Finsemble, leverage out-of-the-box multi-window workspace management, patented desktop services architecture, and ready-made desktop user experience framework to quickly launch to desktop. Built on top of Electron (the industry standard, used by Microsoft, Slack, etc.) Finsemble gives you the speed, security, and power of an Electron-powered application without the heavy lifting. Don’t lose out on the investments you’ve already made to your web application, and satisfy your active traders.

Already have a desktop app?

For years you’ve poured investment into your web app, but your active traders rely on your outdated legacy thick desktop app. What if you could deploy your state of the art web app to the desktop as a multi-window workstation and finally sunset that legacy desktop app? Finsemble provides a single codebase, deployed to the web and the desktop for true multi- channel delivery and huge cost savings.

Finsemble. A shortcut to the desktop.

Whether you’re planning to replace a legacy desktop platform or targeting active traders who need customization and flexibility beyond what web apps offer, Finsemble can deliver your single HTML5 codebase to the web and to the desktop.

  • Build powerful, multi-window desktop software using web technology to service the needs of your active traders on the desktop.
  • Break out of the web browser and deliver powerful user experiences, while building in fast, lightweight web technologies.
  • Deploy to the desktop quickly, without writing an entirely new code base.
  • Get screen real estate and give users a better, stickier UX.

Finsemble allows you to deploy your app straight to the desktop, be guaranteed the latest browser version, and deliver a multi-window experience.

Bring your web app to the desktop today. Request a Finsemble Demo to learn more about what it looks like to deploy to desktop.

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