ChartIQ Overview

ChartIQ powerful HTML5 stock charts give users of all levels a competitive edge. With state of the art integrations from third-party applications to educational components and analysis, users benefit from new streamlined ways to work. In this demo, see why ChartIQ is the best technical analysis platform on the market and is fully customizable to retain active traders on your platform.

Core Charting Package

Accessibility Features

This video demo shows off ChartIQ’s tab navigation that allows users to select and toggle menu items without every leaving the keyboard. Additionally, ChartIQ 8.3 introduces a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Drawing Tools Palette


The ChartIQ drawing pallet houses all of our drawing tools. The pallet can detach and float over the chart for the user to position wherever they’d like. See drawing tools in action such as Average Line, and note how you can favorite your drawing tools for easy access.

Utilizing Studies


With 125+ studies to work with, ChartIQ allows the most sophisticated technical analysis on the market. In this video, see how a user can customize their study and axis layout with an easy drag and drop action, achieving visual clarity and a superior user experience.


ChartIQ SmartZoom allows for time period zooming when selected. Users can switch between zoom modes of magnify and time zoon. Scroll in and out of the chart with periodicity automatically changing.



A new piece of functionality found in our Technical Analysis platform, SignalIQ is an exciting new way to incorporate alerts in your technical analysis program. Historically, alerts only trigger once they happen and don’t stay on the chart for users to view. Our use of markers in SignalIQ (as opposed to purely just alerts) allows users to incorporate signals into historical analysis as well as their ongoing analysis.

Premium Module Add-ons

In-Trade Visualization

Post-Trade Visualization

Events are a critical part of using a chart to tell a story. We can now differentiate between a point in time event or events that have a duration (such as a recession). See how you can eliminate visual clutter of these event data points with ChartIQ Time Span Events.

Trade From the Chart

The ChartIQ Active Trader package is designed for brokers and trading platform providers who want to offer a full suite of real-time graphics and analytics tools to their most demanding clients: active traders.

Server Side Study Calculator

Studies that have always been calculated on the front-end (as the chart is rendered) can now run in node.js on the back end. Build richer desktop applications like search and alerts.


Term Structure Graph

The ChartIQ Term Structure graph is a real-time, interactive graphic element for displaying and interacting with yield curves, options, and futures contracts.

Options Analysis

Small traders are a huge part of the booming options market — but understanding options trading can be overwhelming for the average retail trader. With the ChartIQ options analysis solution, traders can now visualize the options chain directly on their technical chart.

Partnership Highlight

ChartIQ and Estimize in Action

ChartIQ Visual Earnings is our novel and proprietary plugin for displaying actual and estimated earnings and revenue data in the context of price action on a technical analysis chart. In addition to the traditional Wall St consensus data, Visual Earnings brings in the crowdsourced data set from our partner at Estimize.

Featured Study

Projected Volume at Time

Our ChartIQ 8.0 release includes two new studies we’ve built specifically for institutional traders, helping them solve the problem of analyzing intraday volume activity.