ChartIQ | August 23, 2022

Zerodha and ChartIQ: Attract and retain traders with a superior charting experience

Written by Eugene Sorenson

We recently extended our partnership with Zerodha, which we announced in this press release. Since 2016, Zerodha has been implementing Cosaic’s ChartIQ solution in their flagship trading platform, Kite.

We’re proud to see our charts in front of millions of Zerodha users every day, and thrilled that ChartIQ is the default charting application in Kite.

Recently, Zerodha’s Chief Commercial Officer Hanan Delvi sat down to discuss why the ChartIQ partnership has been such a success. Watch full Zerodha testimonial above.

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What we want to do is give our customers the best experience that is possible on a trading platform. A trading platform should be fast which looks good which a person can trust. Using ChartIQ was really important for us because it gave the whole package.

My name is Hanan and I am the CCO at Zerodha. I take care of client interactions and ensure that our customers have a great experience and try and get them the product that they need.

Prior to working with ChartIQ we did not have our own trading platform we saw a lot of other charting platforms and we chose ChartIQ.

The biggest benefit of working with ChartIQ has been the ability to just improve the product offering for our customers the fact that they gave us HTML5 charts and the integration was very easy and we were able to give our customers great products.

I’d recommend ChartIQ to anybody who needs to show data to their customers in a way they could understand.

We’ve had a great experience working with the ChartIQ team they’ve always been available helpful and are knowledgeable about what they do and every time we find any kind of issue they’re always available to work with us.

So if you want to show information to your customers in a manner that they would understand and they would be able to go back to and look and use it for their benefit, I think you should just go for it.

Along with the great support ChartIQ provides, integrating ChartIQ into your current platform is a breeze and helps you retain and attract active traders. It elevates your site to the next level. See The ChartIQ Difference.

“If you want to show information to your customers in a way that they will understand and they will be able to go back to and use for their benefit, I think you should just go for it.”
—Hanan Delvi, Zerodha Chief Commercial Officer

Zerodha is now the largest stockbroker in India, with over six million clients contributing to over 15% of all retail order volumes in India daily. Partnering with ChartIQ enables Zerodha to deliver a modern and immersive trading interface to their users, most of whom interact with the platform via their mobile device.

The ability to deliver to millions of devices without any disruption in performance is crucial for Zerodha, as their user base has expanded from two million in 2020 to six million today. This type of flexibility allows Zerodha to scale quickly, while providing their users with innovative trading tools.

By integrating ChartIQ into Kite, Zerodha can deliver a visually rich charting display for mobile devices. The platform offers a sleek, minimalistic interface combined with ChartIQ’s 125+ technical analysis indicators, drawing tools, and educational components. The interface is simple enough that anyone with basic knowledge can start trading right away.

Nithin Kamath Founder & CEO, Zerodha

“We are very happy with our continued partnership with ChartIQ. We are certain that Kite’s user-friendly technology wrapped up and presented with ChartIQ’s charting library will ensure smooth access for our clients to the market.”

Kite also provides live streaming prices and buy/sell submissions in just two clicks or by using keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, Kite offers users access to level 3 or 20 depth market data—a first for a brokerage in India. This coupled with ChartIQ’s advanced technical analysis charting tools make sophisticated intraday trading strategies possible.

What makes ChartIQ’s award-winning Technical Analysis platform the market leader?

  • Incorporate any third party data including proprietary content, alternative data sets, or analytics from any data source.
  • Trades, research, news, and social or economic reports can be plotted directly on the chart as events, or visualized on the chart as swim lanes.
  • Draw from 125+ technical indicators, 20 chart types and a suite of advanced drawing tools.
  • New CrossPlot premium module provides templates for term-structure, options analytics, and scatterplot graphics.

    Visit ChartIQ Technical Analysis page

For more information about how you can implement ChartIQ into your trading platform and improve the trading experience for your users, request a ChartIQ demo or test drive ChartIQ yourself here.

About Zerodha
Zerodha is India’s largest brokerage firm enabling transactions in stocks, futures, options, currencies, and commodities. Technologically driven, Zerodha currently offers advanced trading platforms such as Kite as well as intuitive reporting tools like Console. Zerodha is also creating a strong online education infrastructure for its clients to learn about stock markets with ‘Zerodha Varsity’. Zerodha also runs India’s largest online direct only mutual fund platform, i.e. Coin. Zerodha has over 7 million clients across the country.

About ChartIQ
ChartIQ is an HTML5 Javascript Charting Library used by developers to create the world’s most powerful HTML5 charts. Customizable, time-series charts can be easily integrated into any trading or technical analysis platform, application, or web page. ChartIQ’s 300+ clients include Yahoo Finance, E*Trade and Zerodha, who leverage the power of ChartIQ to attract traders around the world.

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